328 papers in Volume 7 (2023)

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20-Mode Universal Quantum Photonic Processor

Caterina Taballione, Malaquias Correa Anguita, Michiel de Goede, Pim Venderbosch, Ben Kassenberg, Henk Snijders, Narasimhan Kannan, Ward L. Vleeshouwers, Devin Smith, Jörn P. Epping, Reinier van der Meer, Pepijn W. H. Pinkse, Hans van den Vlekkert, and Jelmer J. Renema,

Quantum 7, 1071 (2023).

Integrated photonics is an essential technology for optical quantum computing. Universal, phase-stable, reconfigurable multimode interferometers (quantum photonic processors) enable manipula…

Characterizing and mitigating coherent errors in a trapped ion quantum processor using hidden inverses

Swarnadeep Majumder, Christopher G. Yale, Titus D. Morris, Daniel S. Lobser, Ashlyn D. Burch, Matthew N. H. Chow, Melissa C. Revelle, Susan M. Clark, and Raphael C. Pooser,

Quantum 7, 1006 (2023).

Quantum computing testbeds exhibit high-fidelity quantum control over small collections of qubits, enabling performance of precise, repeatable operations followed by measurements. Currently,…

Sample-efficient verification of continuously-parameterized quantum gates for small quantum processors

Ryan Shaffer, Hang Ren, Emiliia Dyrenkova, Christopher G. Yale, Daniel S. Lobser, Ashlyn D. Burch, Matthew N. H. Chow, Melissa C. Revelle, Susan M. Clark, and Hartmut Häffner,

Quantum 7, 997 (2023).

Most near-term quantum information processing devices will not be capable of implementing quantum error correction and the associated logical quantum gate set. Instead, quantum circuits will…

Perceval: A Software Platform for Discrete Variable Photonic Quantum Computing

Nicolas Heurtel, Andreas Fyrillas, Grégoire de Gliniasty, Raphaël Le Bihan, Sébastien Malherbe, Marceau Pailhas, Eric Bertasi, Boris Bourdoncle, Pierre-Emmanuel Emeriau, Rawad Mezher, Luka Music, Nadia Belabas, Benoît Valiron, Pascale Senellart, Shane Mansfield, and Jean Senellart,

Quantum 7, 931 (2023).

We introduce $Perceval$, an open-source software platform for simulating and interfacing with discrete-variable photonic quantum computers, and describe its main features and components. Its P…

TensorCircuit: a Quantum Software Framework for the NISQ Era

Shi-Xin Zhang, Jonathan Allcock, Zhou-Quan Wan, Shuo Liu, Jiace Sun, Hao Yu, Xing-Han Yang, Jiezhong Qiu, Zhaofeng Ye, Yu-Qin Chen, Chee-Kong Lee, Yi-Cong Zheng, Shao-Kai Jian, Hong Yao, Chang-Yu Hsieh, and Shengyu Zhang,

Quantum 7, 912 (2023).

TensorCircuit is an open source quantum circuit simulator based on tensor network contraction, designed for speed, flexibility and code efficiency. Written purely in Python, and built on top…