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Hello 2021, hello Plan S!

The year 2021 has begun and Plan S, an initiative aimed at pushing open-access publishing that is backed by an international consortium of funding agencies and research organisations called cOAlition …

Blueprint for a Scalable Photonic Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computer

J. Eli Bourassa, Rafael N. Alexander, Michael Vasmer, Ashlesha Patil, Ilan Tzitrin, Takaya Matsuura, Daiqin Su, Ben Q. Baragiola, Saikat Guha, Guillaume Dauphinais, Krishna K. Sabapathy, Nicolas C. Menicucci, and Ish Dhand,

Quantum 5, 392 (2021).

Photonics is the platform of choice to build a modular, easy-to-network quantum computer operating at room temperature. However, no concrete architecture has been presented so far that explo…