Writing pieces for Quantum Views

The publishing process of Views (perspectives, editorials, etc) in Quantum Views is different from that of regular articles in Quantum. Views are published as html only, and need not be uploaded to the arXiv.

While we can process other formats, our publishing team much appreciates if you submit your perspective in the following format:

  • The perspective itself as a plain text file ending in .txt containing the title, your affiliation(s), and the main text, in which you may use:
    • Blank lines to separate paragraphs
    • Standard html tags, such as <h2> to <h6> for sectioning, <table> for tables and <ol> and <ul> for lists
    • Standard LaTeX math notation such as $A |\psi\rangle = \sin(\alpha) |\psi\rangle$
    • LaTex style cite macros written in the usual way as in \cite{ID} (you can cite multiple references in one macro as you would do in LaTeX)
  • A .bbl file with with a bibliography starting with \begin{bibliography}{…} and ending with \end{bibliography} and \bibitem{ID}s matching the references cited in the main text. The \bibitems of all works that you cite and which have a DOI must contain a \doi{DOI} makro, or alternatively a link such as \url{https://doi.org/DOI} or \href{https://doi.org/DOI}{}. You can of course use BibTeX to create the .bbl file.
  • Optionally a featured image with a 2:1 aspect ratio and white background.

It may be a good idea to use a LaTeX document class (such as article or quantumarticle) to generate the main text and bibliography and only in the final step replace all LaTeX sectioning commands (in case any were necessary at all) by html sectioning.

On the Quantum website your mathematical formulas are displayed with the help of MathJax. Your bibliography is formatted, DOIs become hyperlinks, and all \cite{ID} macros in the text are be replaced by the respective links to the entries in the bibliography.

Note that homemade macros like \ket are not processed by MathJax. If you include such macros, a human from our team will have to go through them by hand.

Thank you very much for writing a piece for Quantum Views! By adhering to these guidelines you greatly facilitate the publishing process for us. Don’t hesitate to ask in case you have further questions.

If you have special formatting requirements or, e.g., want to embed a video or a figure from another article, please indicate this when you submit your View.