Mean field study of 2D quasiparticle condensate formation in presence of strong decay

N.A. Asriyan1, A.A. Elistratov1, and Yu. E. Lozovik2,3

1N.L. Dukhov Research Institute of Automatics (VNIIA), Moscow 127030, Russia
2Institute for Spectroscopy RAS, Troitsk 108840, Moscow, Russia
3Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, National Research University Higher School of Economics, 101000 Moscow, Russia

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Bose-condensation in a system of 2D quasiparticles is considered in the scope of a microscopic model. Mean-field dynamical equations are derived with the help of the Schwinger-Keldysh formalism and a simple model is proposed which allows to describe key features of condensate formation in systems with various quasiparticle decay rates. By analysing stationary solutions of this equation, we obtain the phase diagram of quasiparticle gas, finding a bistability region in the parameter space of the system. Finally, as an application of our theory, we study the phase diagram of a 2D exciton-polariton system in CdTe microcavity.

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