Generation of highly retrievable atom photon entanglement with a millisecond lifetime via a spatially multiplexed cavity

Minjie Wang, Shengzhi Wang, Tengfei Ma, Ya Li, Yan Xie, Haole Jiao, Hailong Liu, Shujing Li, and Hai Wang

The State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices, Institute of Opto-Electronics, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006
China Collaborative Innovation Center of Extreme Optics, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006, China

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Qubit memory that is entangled with photonic qubit is the building block for long distance quantum repeaters. Cavity enhanced and long lived spin wave photon entanglement has been demonstrated by applying dual laser beams onto optical-lattice atoms. However, owing to cross readouts by two beams, retrieval efficiency of spin wave qubit is decreased by one quarter compared to that of single mode spin wave at all storage times. Here, by coupling cold atoms to two modes of a polarization interferometer based cavity, we achieve perfect qubit retrieval in cavity enhanced and long lived atom photon entanglement. A write laser beam is applied onto cold atoms, we then create a magnetic field insensitive spin wave qubit that is entangled with the photonic qubit encoded onto two arms of the interferometer. The spin wave qubit is retrieved by a read beam, which avoids the cross readouts. Our experiment demonstrates 540$\mu$s storage time at 50% intrinsic qubit retrieval efficiency, which is 13.5 times longer than the best reported result.

Qubit memory entangled with photonic qubit is the building block for quantum repeaters. Cavity-enhanced spin-wave–photon entanglement with sub-second lifetime has been demonstrated by applying dual control modes onto optical-lattice atoms. However, owing to double-mode retrievals in that experiment, retrieval efficiency of spin-wave qubit is about one quarter lower than that for a single spin-wave mode. Here, by coupling cold atoms to two modes of a polarization-interferometer-based cavity, we achieve perfectly-enhanced qubit retrieval in long-lived atom-photon entanglement. A write-laser beam is applied onto the cold atoms to create a magnetic-field-insensitive spin-wave qubit entangled with a photonic qubit. The spin-wave qubit is retrieved with a single-mode read-laser beam, and the quarter retrieval-efficiency loss is avoided. Our experimental data shows that zero-delay intrinsic retrieval efficiency is up to 77% and 1/e lifetime 1ms. At 50% retrieval efficiency, the storage time reaches 0.54ms , which is 13.5 times longer than the best reported result.

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