What kind of content is shared by Quantum?

Quantum is active on social media to foster engagement and spread news relevant for the quantum science community. As Quantum grows, it becomes important to have transparent guidelines about the kind of content we share.

First, a clarification: Quantum’s social media accounts are currently managed by the Executive Board, and are their exclusive responsibility. They do not represent the views of Quantum as a whole unless explicitly said otherwise. In particular, sharing of opinion articles does not imply endorsement.

Content shared by Quantum generally falls into the following categories:

1. Quantum journal
  • Papers published in Quantum and followups (such as editorials, perspectives and further media coverage).
  • News related to Quantum (for example updates on policies, outreach events and media coverage).
2. Quantum science, publishing and academia
  • News about quantum science that are of interest to the larger community, at our discretion.

Since we aim to be a international venue for quantum sciences, without any regional bias, for now we have decided not to advertise local workshops, initiatives and programs, no matter how personally supportive we may be of them. The only workshops and events mentioned are in the context of Quantum doing outreach there and generally only after the event has taken place.

  • Analyses and opinion articles about life in academia, at our discretion.

Examples of topics that we may touch are excessive pressure on academics, mental health in academia, endemic problems in the job market, harassement and systemic discrimination. Whenever possible, we will favour general analyses of a phenomenon rather than news of a particular instance.

  • News, analyses and opinion articles about academic publishing and open science, at our discretion (here we may refer to individual events).


Quantum may invite individuals to write opinion articles on any of the subjects described above. Those will be published on Quantum’s website (offically in the online journal Quantum Views under a CC BY 4.0 licence, such that copyright remains with the authors). We expect most of these articles to be editorial-like viewpoints (“perspectives”) about papers published in Quantum.

We will review these guidelines at the end of 2017.