Teenagers, get ready to referee!

Guest post by Chris Ferrie

The Quantum Leaps submission deadline has passed and we received 13 articles which attempt to explain cutting-edge quantum science research to teenagers. Great! So how did they do? I don’t know—I’m not a teenager—but that is what we are going to find out in March!

During the first week of March I will join the science class of Year 8 at Cherrybrook Technology High School in Sydney, Australia. I will help facilitate their self-guided learning of the scientific peer review process. During the process, 30 students in groups of 5 will be given the Quantum Leaps submissions and be tasked with writing a referee report for one article.

The articles will be returned to authors, who will make changes accordingly, before publication in Quantum Views. Meanwhile, back in Sydney, the students will present each article and report to their peers. Stay tuned for the conclusion!