Quantum turns 1

One year ago Quantum opened for submissions and we would like to take this as an opportunity to celebrate its first birthday!

A lot has happened since. About 100 manuscripts have been submitted, showing us that researchers are eager to get some of their best science published in Quantum. Our editors have been working hard to make decisions on nearly 70 manuscripts, and 35 of them could be accepted. Only in four cases did a rejection lead to an appeal. We are also very happy that the average time from submission to decision is just 90 days (120 for accepted papers), despite our high quality standards concerning the peer-review process, which we take as an indication that our referees are generally very motivated to invest their precious time in writing reports for Quantum.

We would hence like to send a big THANK YOU to all our editors and referees! We are looking forward to the next year with you!

The journal is also looking very healthy in all other respects. Due to our sponsors and the high willingness of our authors to pay our small publication fee, our financial situation has now stabilized to a point that made it possible to hire two management assistants (more details soon). Quantum is being reviewed for inclusion in several of the big databases (Directory of Open Access Journals, Web of Science, Scopus), we have joined Cited-by and our content is indexed by Google Scholar.