Quantum enables Cited-by

Who is citing papers published in Quantum? This is now easier to find than ever, since Quantum has started displaying Cited-by information on the pages of its articles. You can try it out for example for this paper (scroll to the bottom).

Following its mission to make publishing more open and transparent, Quantum is also making its own citation meta-data available to all other publishers participating in the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC). Thereby, Quantum is contributing to a database of citation meta-data that can be accessed by all participants in a fair way.

We have also applied for Quantum to be included in the Directory of Open Access Journals, the Web of Science, and Scopus. The evaluation in all three cases is ongoing and can take up to 12 months. Google Scholar is also already crawling and indexing the content published by Quantum. We will keep you posted about updates!