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Mitiq: A software package for error mitigation on noisy quantum computers

Ryan LaRose, Andrea Mari, Sarah Kaiser, Peter J. Karalekas, Andre A. Alves, Piotr Czarnik, Mohamed El Mandouh, Max H. Gordon, Yousef Hindy, Aaron Robertson, Purva Thakre, Misty Wahl, Danny Samuel, Rahul Mistri, Maxime Tremblay, Nick Gardner, Nathaniel T. Stemen, Nathan Shammah, and William J. Zeng,

Quantum 6, 774 (2022).

We introduce Mitiq, a Python package for error mitigation on noisy quantum computers. Error mitigation techniques can reduce the impact of noise on near-term quantum computers with minimal o…

Seasonal submission slumber

There is a magical, predictable, frustrating, unavoidable pattern that we observe every year at Quantum, and can be found anywhere where research papers are submitted. Twice per year, in late …