Call for editors 2020

The 2020 call for editors is now closed. Quantum has received over 50 applications.

Today Quantum celebrates 3 years since the first publications! From that first batch of papers, the journal grew to over 250 published articles. This growth was made possible by our incredible team of editors, countless expert referees, and the support of authors and of the whole quantum community. Thank you!

With a steadily growing submission rate, and several of the founding editors phasing out after three years of service, Quantum is now looking for new editors to reinforce and extend the editorial board.

We have thus opened the second call for editors. If you believe in our mission and think you can contribute with your expertise, join the editorial board of Quantum as an editor!

At the moment we are looking for editors primarily in two fields of high demand: quantum information theory (coding, single-shot settings, cryptography, and open systems) and quantum computation (NISQ, algorithms, complexity, learning, and error correction).