1000 Quantum papers!

Seven years ago, Quantum Journal was still just an idea in the minds of a handful of enthusiasts, who believed that it was time to offer a new way of recognizing and curating outstanding scientific contributions in quantum science. A journal that would be owned and shaped by the scientific community; a journal that would strive to  select the most meaningful scientific contributions, free from the constrains of for-profit publishing.

Today marks the publication of Quantum’s 1000th paper! *

Quantum logo enclosing the number 1000, with violet fireworks

We take this major milestone (and the increasing submission and publication rates) as proof that Quantum has fulfilled part of its original mission. Together we have shown that the scientific community can self-organize and establish a high-quality publishing venue at a fraction of the cost of traditional journals.

The founding team would like to express their gratitude to all members of the community who have helped make the initial idea a reality. A big thank you to all current and former editors, referees, authors, Steering Board members and the great team of employees and volunteers who keep the journal alive!


* Incidentally, the 1000th paper will be “Vol 7, Paper 1001”. Quantum’s numbering skipped paper #12. You know, for good luck.