Coherent feedback in optomechanical systems in the sideband-unresolved regime

Jingkun Guo and Simon Gröblacher

Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Department of Quantum Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology, 2628CJ Delft, The Netherlands

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Preparing macroscopic mechanical resonators close to their motional quantum groundstate and generating entanglement with light offers great opportunities in studying fundamental physics and in developing a new generation of quantum applications. Here we propose an experimentally interesting scheme, which is particularly well suited for systems in the sideband-unresolved regime, based on coherent feedback with linear, passive optical components to achieve groundstate cooling and photon-phonon entanglement generation with optomechanical devices. We find that, by introducing an additional passive element – either a narrow linewidth cavity or a mirror with a delay line – an optomechanical system in the deeply sideband-unresolved regime will exhibit dynamics similar to one that is sideband-resolved. With this new approach, the experimental realization of groundstate cooling and optomechanical entanglement is well within reach of current integrated state-of-the-art high-Q mechanical resonators.

Preparing macroscopic mechanical resonators close to their motional quantum groundstate and generating entanglement with light offers great opportunities in studying fundamental physics and in developing a new generation of quantum applications. Here we propose an experimentally interesting scheme based on coherent feedback with linear, passive optical components to achieve groundstate cooling and photon-phonon entanglement generation with optomechanical devices. Our approach is particularly well suited for systems in the sideband-unresolved regime, where the linewidth of the cavity is larger than the mechanical frequency. With our scheme, the experimental realization of groundstate cooling and optomechanical entanglement is well within reach of current integrated state-of-the-art high-Q mechanical resonators.

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