How Dynamical Quantum Memories Forget

Lukasz Fidkowski1, Jeongwan Haah2, and Matthew B. Hastings3,2

1Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-1560, USA
2Microsoft Quantum and Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA 98052, USA
3Station Q, Microsoft Research, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6105, USA

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Updated version: The authors have uploaded version v3 of this work to the arXiv which may contain updates or corrections not contained in the published version v2. The authors left the following comment on the arXiv:
24 pages, 2 figures (v3) expanding the proof of Lemma 3


Motivated by recent work showing that a quantum error correcting code can be generated by hybrid dynamics of unitaries and measurements, we study the long time behavior of such systems. We demonstrate that even in the ``mixed'' phase, a maximally mixed initial density matrix is purified on a time scale equal to the Hilbert space dimension (i.e., exponential in system size), albeit with noisy dynamics at intermediate times which we connect to Dyson Brownian motion. In contrast, we show that free fermion systems $—$ i.e., ones where the unitaries are generated by quadratic Hamiltonians and the measurements are of fermion bilinears $—$ purify in a time quadratic in the system size. In particular, a volume law phase for the entanglement entropy cannot be sustained in a free fermion system.

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