Appeal against an editorial decision

Here you may submit an appeal against a rejection decision.

Per policy, appeals are discussed with the original editor, coordinating editors and other editors whose work is related to the topic of your submission. Usually a coordinating editor supervises the appeal, taking input from the others editors and possibly from external experts.

Note that all information that you submit through here will necessarily be shared with the editorial and executive boards (excluding editors who have declared a conflict of interest). If you have comments that should not be shared with the original referees, please let us know below.

The following is just for information purposes: only very rarely do appeals result in a reversal of the original decision. This is because borderline cases and tentative rejections are typically discussed among Quantum editors before a decision is made. To improve your chances of success, include genuinely new information in the appeal. You may also use this form to make a preliminary appeal (for example to ask the editor whether adding a new result X or addressing referee criticism Y could change the decision).


If you wish, you may upload your appeal as a file. Please upload a separate file if you have confidential comments for the editors.

Your report will be handled according to Quantum’s Code of Conduct as outlined in the terms and conditions.