Template demonstrating the quantumarticle class


Quantum features its own LaTeX documentclass quantumarticle, which we highly recommend for typesetting articles to be published in Quantum. You can preview how it looks like in this template document for writing articles for Quantum here, which also contains a wealth of useful information on how to best format your articles for Quantum.

Quantum aims at giving authors a maximum of freedom in typesetting their articles. We believe that authors know best whether a given work should be typeset in single or double column layout, which citation style to use, whether it should have a table of contents or not, and so on. The quantumarticle class is designed to be maximally compatible with other frequently used LaTeX document classes, so that switching to quantumarticle should be as easy as simply replacing whichever documentclass you are currently using with quantumarticle.

A feature of the quantumarticle class is that clicking a work’s title initiates a search for the page of that work on quantum-journal.org. In this way, readers can verify whether a work using the quantumarticle class was actually published in Quantum, look up metadata, and find additional material liked to the work, like an popular summary, viewpoint, or erratum.

The only hard requirement is that all cited works that have a DOI must be hyper-linked using this DOI. The template document explains ways of how to achieve this. Providing references with clickable links is not only a curtesy to your readers, but also a condition of Crossref, which, if not fulfilled, prevents us from publishing and assigning a DOI to your work.

The quantumarticle class is under constant development. If you encounter problems, please open an issue on our issue tracker or send an email with a detailed description of the problem or a document demonstrating it to the email stated in the end of the template.