Beyond-adiabatic Quantum Admittance of a Semiconductor Quantum Dot at High Frequencies: Rethinking Reflectometry as Polaron Dynamics

L. Peri1,2, G. A. Oakes1,2, L. Cochrane1,2, C. J. B. Ford1, and M. F. Gonzalez-Zalba2

1Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, J.J. Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE, United Kingdom
2Quantum Motion, 9 Sterling Way, London N7 9HJ, United Kingdom

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Semiconductor quantum dots operated dynamically are the basis of many quantum technologies such as quantum sensors and computers. Hence, modelling their electrical properties at microwave frequencies becomes essential to simulate their performance in larger electronic circuits. Here, we develop a self-consistent quantum master equation formalism to obtain the admittance of a quantum dot tunnel-coupled to a charge reservoir under the effect of a coherent photon bath. We find a general expression for the admittance that captures the well-known semiclassical (thermal) limit, along with the transition to lifetime and power broadening regimes due to the increased coupling to the reservoir and amplitude of the photonic drive, respectively. Furthermore, we describe two new photon-mediated regimes: Floquet broadening, determined by the dressing of the QD states, and broadening determined by photon loss in the system. Our results provide a method to simulate the high-frequency behaviour of QDs in a wide range of limits, describe past experiments, and propose novel explorations of QD-photon interactions.

Semiconductor quantum dots operated dynamically are the basis of many quantum technologies such as quantum sensors and computers. Here we develop a fully quantum formalism for a Quantum Dot coupled to a Reservoir and driven by a Photon Oscillator, including the finite lifetime of a charge in the Dot and non-idealities of the drive. We find fully analytical solution for the equivalent circuit of the driven system, also in the large-signal regime, and predict two novel phenomena: Floquet broadening and Photon-Loss broadening.

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