Superfluid drag between excitonic polaritons and superconducting electron gas

Azat F. Aminov1, Alexey A. Sokolik1,2, and Yurii E. Lozovik1,2

1National Research University Higher School of Economics, 109028 Moscow, Russia
2Institute for Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 142190 Troitsk, Moscow, Russia

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The Andreev-Bashkin effect, or superfluid drag, is predicted in a system of Bose-condensed excitonic polaritons in optical microcavity coupled by electron-exciton interaction with a superconducting layer. Two possible setups with spatially indirect dipole excitons or direct excitons are considered. The drag density characterizing a magnitude of this effect is found by many-body calculations with taking into account dynamical screening of electron-exciton interaction. For the superconducting electronic layer, we assume the recently proposed polaritonic mechanism of Cooper pairing, although the preexisting thin-film superconductor should also demonstrate the effect. According to our calculations, the drag density can reach considerable values in realistic conditions, with excitonic and electronic layers made from GaAs-based quantum wells or two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides. The predicted nondissipative drag could be strong enough to be observable as induction of a supercurrent in the electronic layer by a flow of polariton Bose condensate.

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