Quadrature protection of squeezed states in a one-dimensional photonic topological insulator

Joaquin Medina Dueñas1, Gabriel O'Ryan Pérez1, Carla Hermann-Avigliano1,2, and Luis E. F. Foa Torres1

1Departamento de Física, Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
2ANID - Millenium Science Iniciative Program - Millenium Institute for Research in Optics

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What is the role of topology in the propagation of quantum light in photonic lattices? We address this question by studying the propagation of squeezed states in a topological one-dimensional waveguide array, benchmarking our results with those for a topologically trivial localized state, and studying their robustness against disorder. Specifically, we study photon statistics, one-mode and two-mode squeezing, and entanglement generation when the localized state is excited with squeezed light. These quantum properties inherit the shape of the localized state but, more interestingly, and unlike in the topologically trivial case, we find that propagation of squeezed light in a topologically protected state robustly preserves the phase of the squeezed quadrature as the system evolves. We show how this latter topological advantage can be harnessed for quantum information protocols.

What is the role of topology in the propagation of quantum light in photonic lattices? We address this question by studying the propagation of squeezed states of light, which may serve as a fundamental building block for quantum computation, in a topological one-dimensional waveguide array. We find that quantum features of light couple to the topologically protected state of the lattice inheriting its spatial distribution, but more interestingly, we find that the lattices topology robustly preserves the phase of the squeezed quadrature as the system evolves, granting a topological advantage for the propagation of quantum light in photonic lattices. We show how this topological advantage can be harnessed for quantum information protocols.

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