Fast and high-fidelity entangling gate through parametrically modulated longitudinal coupling

Baptiste Royer1, Arne L. Grimsmo1, Nicolas Didier2,3, and Alexandre Blais1,4

1Institut quantique and D'epartment de Physique, Universit'e de Sherbrooke, 2500 boulevard de l'Universit'e, Sherbrooke, Qu'ebec J1K 2R1, Canada
2Current address: Rigetti Quantum Computing, 775 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley, California 94710, USA.
3QUANTIC team, Inria Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, 75012 Paris, France
4Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Toronto, Canada

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We investigate an approach to universal quantum computation based on the modulation of longitudinal qubit-oscillator coupling. We show how to realize a controlled-phase gate by simultaneously modulating the longitudinal coupling of two qubits to a common oscillator mode. In contrast to the more familiar transversal qubit-oscillator coupling, the magnitude of the effective qubit-qubit interaction does not rely on a small perturbative parameter. As a result, this effective interaction strength can be made large, leading to short gate times and high gate fidelities. We moreover show how the gate infidelity can be exponentially suppressed with squeezing and how the entangling gate can be generalized to qubits coupled to separate oscillators. Our proposal can be realized in multiple physical platforms for quantum computing, including superconducting and spin qubits.

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