How can I stay up to date on recent developments?

What about open review?

We are studying this. Our plan is to offer the referee the option to make their review public and, independently, to make their name public at the beginning or end of the review process. If, when and how this will be implemented will depend on the platform and on feedback from the community.

Will papers be listed on [my favourite database]?

Yes, we are making an effort to get Quantum included into popular citation counting databases. All published works receive a DOI.

How can I help?

Excellent question. Here are some options:

  1. Spread the word and engage in discussions with your colleagues about science publishing.
  2. Submit your high quality papers to Quantum.
  3. Convince your institution to support Quantum. Get in touch with us at info@quantum-journal.org
  4. Donate privately to Quantum.

How are you going to ensure the quality of popular summaries?

Popular summaries will be sent to referees during the second round of refereeing to make sure they accurately reflect the results of the paper.

How can you hope to get sufficiently dedicated and qualified editors without paying them?

As this is a a project for the community by the community, many qualified scientists have volunteered as editors, thereby keeping the workload for everyone small.

What are the costs for Quantum per article?

Quantum pays 10$ per submission for the platform we will be using to organize peer-review. On top of that we will have to pay a small fee for assigning DOIs. Read more about Quantum’s finances and  open accounting.

How selective is Quantum going to be?

Selective, but selecting on different criteria than usual high impact factor journals. Quantum puts scientific quality, significance, and clarity of presentation first. See the detailed discussion here.

Will the steering and executive boards have a say in the referee process?

No. Selection of referees and editorial decisions will be made exclusively by the editorial board. Editors and referees will be expected to follow the publicly available guidelines for editors and referees. Editors will further be able to voluntarily declare a conflict of interests or can be excluded form the referee process of certain submission by other editors, in case they are co-authors of a submission. Only in exceptional cases, such as appeals or other disputes, will the steering or executive boards act as mediators. Still, the first call of call for conflicts are the Coordinating Editors.

Must my paper be on the arXiv?

Yes. Quantum supports the free pre-print server arXiv: all papers submitted to Quantum must be listed on (or cross-listed with)  the arXiv section quant-ph. In case of acceptance, the final version must be uploaded to the arXiv before publication.