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Resource requirements for ef- ficient quantum communication using all- photonic graph states generated from a few matter qubits. Quantum, 5:397, 2021. DOI: 10.22331/q-2021-02-15-397. [12] Donovan Buterakos, Edwin Barnes, and Sophia…


…21, 055002 (2019). [37] Paul Hilaire, Edwin Barnes, and Sophia E. Economou. “Resource requirements for efficient quantum communication using all-photonic graph states generated from a few matter qubits”. Quan- tum…


…the elementary link quantum decision process 21 Appendix D Details of the memory-cutoff policy 34 References 47 1 Introduction The quantum internet [1–5] is one of the frontiers of quantum


…CC-BY 4.0. 1 ar X iv :2 5 .0 7 1 9 8 v 4 [q u an t- p h ] 1 1 F eb 2 2 1…


…Published under CC-BY 4.0. 1 ar X iv :2 20 9. 11 43 0v 2 [ qu an t- ph ] 8 F eb 2 02 3…