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TensorCircuit: a Quantum Software Framework for the NISQ Era

Shi-Xin Zhang, Jonathan Allcock, Zhou-Quan Wan, Shuo Liu, Jiace Sun, Hao Yu, Xing-Han Yang, Jiezhong Qiu, Zhaofeng Ye, Yu-Qin Chen, Chee-Kong Lee, Yi-Cong Zheng, Shao-Kai Jian, Hong Yao, Chang-Yu Hsieh, and Shengyu Zhang,

Quantum 7, 912 (2023).

TensorCircuit is an open source quantum circuit simulator based on tensor network contraction, designed for speed, flexibility and code efficiency. Written purely in Python, and built on top…


quantum computers using quantum error correction are not likely to be available very soon. 4 The NISQ era unfolds 4.1 The 50-qubit barrier Even with fault-tolerant quantum computing still a…


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