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…1 ar X iv :2 01 2. 15 25 4v 4 [ qu an t- ph ] 6 M ar 2 02 3{Quantum%20Multi-Solution%20Bernoulli%20Search}%20text%20{with%20Applications%20to%20Bitcoin’s%20Post-Quantum%20Security}&reason=title-click{Quantum%20Multi-Solution%20Bernoulli%20Search}%20text%20{with%20Applications%20to%20Bitcoin’s%20Post-Quantum%20Security}&reason=title-click…


Quantum query complexity of symmetric oracle problems. Daniel Copeland1 and Jamie Pommersheim2 1UC San Diego 2Reed College We study the query complexity of quantum learning problems in which the oracles…


…Gribling, and Ronald de Wolf. Convex optimization using quantum oracles. Quantum, 4:220, 2020. arXiv: 1809.00643 9 [AS08] Noga Alon and Joel H. Spencer. The Probabilistic Method. Wiley-Interscience, third edition, 2008….


…signing oracle, and QsignkAdv is the set of documents the signing oracle has signed. Definition 31 (Post-quantum CPA-secure Private Key Encryption, adapted from [KL14, Section 3.4.2]). A post-quantum secure secure…


…variable with success probability α = cos2(θ). The quantum amplitude estimation algorithms on the other hand, use quantum circuits that sequentially perform oracle calls at all depths up to O(1/ε)….