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quantum computers using quantum error correction are not likely to be available very soon. 4 The NISQ era unfolds 4.1 The 50-qubit barrier Even with fault-tolerant quantum computing still a…


…neutral atom devices 3.1.2 Applications of Quantum Simulation 3.2 Quantum Computing tasks in the NISQ era 3.2.1 Variational algorithms for computing purposes 3.2.2 Applications of NISQ Quantum Computing 4 Perspectives…


…[4] J. Preskill, Quantum computing in the NISQ era and beyond, Quantum 2, 79 (2018). [5] J. Preskill, Quantum computing and the entangle- ment frontier, arXiv:1203.5813 (2012). [6] C. Neill,…


…:2 01 1. 03 53 2v 3 [ qu an t- ph ] 2 5 M ar 2 02 1 use of current…


…networks 2.2 Variational quantum circuits 2.3 Dressed quantum circuits 3 Transfer learning 3.1 Classical to quantum transfer learning 3.2 Quantum to classical transfer learning 3.3 Quantum to quantum transfer learning…


…] 8 S ep 2 2 tum (NISQ) [25] devices are clearly not capa- ble of realizing the full potential of quantum


…Communications, 5(1):4213, 2014. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms5213. [39] M. Powell. A view of algorithms for optimization without derivatives. Mathematics TODAY, 43, 01 2007. [40] John Preskill. Quantum Computing in the NISQ era


…as the ground state of 2-dimensional systems. 3 Digital Quantum Simulator A digital quantum simulator is a quantum machine which manipulates the quantum state of its qubits Accepted in Quantum


the NISQ era of quantum computing. The variational quantum eigen- solver (VQE) [10] is a hybrid approach to finding an approximation to E0 on a quantum computer. VQE begins by…