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quantum_icon_heart2On the last day of the call for editors, we would like to share some of the support messages that applicants have been sending us. Thank you for believing in Quantum, for your words and contributions! Together we will build a journal to make us proud.

You can still apply before the end of Thursday AoE!


I love this effort, and am willing to do anything I can to help it succeed!


I am excited by Quantum’s engagement with the community, and in particular by the opportunity that this engagement creates for encouraging reproducible research.


I think Quantum offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in the scientific publishing sector, and I would like to do my part in addressing the challenge.


I am really excited about Quantum! As an editor, I could potentially being a part of making a difference in the field.


I could not believe more firmly in the motivations that led to the foundation of Quantum Journal. I feel the community strongly needs an open access journal solely focused on publishing robust and significant scientific contributions, irrespectively of any consideration of profit or impact factor. As an author, I am really looking forward to submit my works as soon as submissions are open. In the same way, as an editor, it would be a great pleasure to do my best to contribute to the success of this initiative.


I am applying for the call of founding editors of the journal. I hope this initiative can contribute to a more efficient, fair and wide diffusion of good research on quantum physics.


I am very enthusiastic in becoming an editor on Quantum to contribute my efforts to the open free access of scientific research.


This is a wonderful initiative! I wish you good luck, and I’d love to contribute, certainly as an author and referee, and also as an editor if you let me.


I would like to be an editor. I will only take the position if Quantum decides to apply a certain level of selection in terms of the quality of papers accepted. As I understand this is currently being debated by the community/SC. As editor it is probably not my role to weigh on the decision, but the outcome will affect my willingness to participate.


I apply to this call for editors because, as a researcher active in the exciting and impressively growing field of quantum information science, I feel the urge to give my contribution to make the publishing process more transparent, meritocratic, and responsible. I most of all feel this responsibility towards the students and the early stage researchers that I am called to guide and supervise, such that they can develop their professional career in a honest, stimulating, and collaborative environment. It is my belief that the quality of a researcher and her/his work cannot be accessed on the basis of the impact factor of the journals she/he publishes the scientific results, as it often depends on non scientific factors, and the publishing process itself cannot be fame-driven or biased by personal interests.


I have read the founding principles of Quantum and was very impressed. Providing this scientific service to the community and also the public is something that appeals to me. I would be delighted to be part of the editorial team and help make this new journal great.


Although I believe that the editorial policies are currently under review, I am happy to confirm that I agree with the current version.


I appreciate the initiative and feel this is what the field needs and wanted to help out. I read papers I’m an editor of and don’t like how some journals expect editors to just farm them out without even reading them. As I enjoy reading papers and giving feedback, I like the idea of assigned papers being reasonably tailored to the background of editors. Further, I think a journal like this has a great future.


I have been involved in several discussions about issues arising from profit driven scientific publication and editorial policies towards increasing and/or maintaining impact factors. Therefore, I strongly support the mission of this initiative.


It would be exciting to me to play a role in founding a new journal. I would be grateful to have the chance to help. Be the change that you wish to see in the world. If it is a Quantum jump even better.


I would love to support this project. Thank you for creating this. We really need it.


This is an excellent initiative and I would be very happy to be able to support it as an editor.


I only partially agree with the current acceptance threshold. I am applying for this position with the hope that the criteria will be influenced by the current discussion online.


I think this idea is great. Whoever you choose to be editors, good luck!


I hope this takes off and I’m happy to contribute to the effort.


I’m very interested in open science and bringing the power back to the people regarding scientific publishing.  I strongly support the goals of this new journal, and I’m keen to help out however I can.


I don’t generally volunteer myself for editorial or organisational roles, although I accept them if asked when I feel I can do some good or owe it to a community. If I am volunteering in this case it is because I so strongly support this mission, and would like to champion the transition to a better, fairer, and more efficient system of publication & evaluation.


I find the initiative of Quantum very exciting, and particularly timely and needed. I also believe that scientific journals *must* evolve and adapt to current requirements, and Quantum is a clear step forward in this direction for the community of quantum information science. I would find it very exciting if I could be an active part of this initiative, as an editor, author, and/or referee.


I really hope I am given the chance to contribute to this wonderful endeavour. It was about time that a non-profit journal made by scientists for scientists appeared. I believe this can be a change of paradigm, making our research lives much more efficient and fair.


I’m really excited about this journal and look forward to seeing how it grows. I hope to join on the editorial board.


I really believe that something has to be done regarding science publishing and will be willing to help with my expertise as much as possible.



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