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If the manuscript you are looking for is not in the list, this can mean two things:

  1. If the manuscript states an acceptance date in the recent past, it will probably be published soon.
  2. If the manuscript states no acceptance date or its latest version has been on the arXiv for some time, then this manuscript has not been published and almost certainly has not been accepted; it however might currently be under review.

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…difficulty of simulating many-body dynamics classically, quantum simulations can investigate properties of MBL in larger systems intractable for classical computers. Following [77], we consider the problem of simulating the one-dimensional…


…SU(2) case, we choose the local quantum number to be 2 times the total angular momentum (the multiplication by 2 makes the local quantum number an inte- ger). If we…


…Dumitrescu, and Kübra Yeter-Aydeniz. “Quantum Computation of Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions and Entanglement Tomography in a Lattice Gauge Theory”. PRX Quantum 4, 030323 (2023). arXiv:2210.03089. [81] Edison M. Murairi, Michael…