Blueprint for a Scalable Photonic Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computer

J. Eli Bourassa, Rafael N. Alexander, Michael Vasmer, Ashlesha Patil, Ilan Tzitrin, Takaya Matsuura, Daiqin Su, Ben Q. Baragiola, Saikat Guha, Guillaume Dauphinais, Krishna K. Sabapathy, Nicolas C. Menicucci, and Ish Dhand,

Quantum 5, 392 (2021).

Photonics is the platform of choice to build a modular, easy-to-network quantum computer operating at room temperature. However, no concrete architecture has been presented so far that explo…


A scalable and fast artificial neural network syndrome decoder for surface codes Spiro Gicev1, Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg1, and Muhammad Usman1,2,3 1Center for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, School of Physics,…


…interesting to study local cor- related error events that introduce many stabi- lizer defects. We expect the Metropolis-based de- coders presented in Refs. [56, 72], neural network decoders [81], tensor-network